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The Pilot


The core of our project is the pilot that will be organised in Romania and Poland and will consist of activities around the organisation, deployment and conclusions of the nurses training.

The pilot is designed as a framework with different activities:

1. Selection of certified trainers

(a) There will be 4 trainers in each case, in both Poland and Romania

2. Selection of nursing trainees.

(a) In Poland nurses will be selected in collaboration with the Central Association of Nurses and Midwives through an open call.

(b) In Romania nurses will be selected with the help of Carol Davila University.

(c) The estimated number of trainees will be 100 in total, 60 in Romania and 40 in Poland.

3. Course deployment.

(a) The course will have four modules and the duration of the course will be 76 hours.

(b) 40 of the 76 hours will be face-to-face, and 36 hours will be online.

4. Certification.

(a) According to Polish law, there is no need of certification.

(b) In Romania, the Midwives Association will authorise the course.

5. Evaluation

(a) There will be a process to gather feedback, proposed changes and amendments to the pilot with the help of the participants.

(b) The project will formalise results, cases, presentations and make them available through the Portal.

(c) Evaluation of the pilots and assessment of the global methodology through interviews and semi structured interviews will be done in part through on line questionnaires.