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E-Learning has become a keyfactor to the actual informational world. The traditional educational institutions (schools, universities, lifelong formation) use it to prepare learners adapted to the society needs. Organisations use it as a powerful strategy to better leverage their intellectual capital and to create new skills and increase performance of their employees.

The course will have an on-line component that will take place in a virtual learning environment built on the RENOVA portal, using Moodle for the class and resources administration, as well as face to face sessions that will contribute to a complete learning experience. A major benefit of our curriculum presentation is the possibility to transform a virtual reality into an instructional environment. This environment makes it possible to have activities that could never take place in a classical learning environment: experiments, simulations of processes or phenomena, virtual tasks modelled after real situations that learners face at their work places.

The e-Learning tools can provide individualised, personalised learning by profiling variables such as interests, learning and cultural styles, presentation preferences and performance requirements. They can diagnose skill gaps and prescribe professional development activities ensuring the link between learning events and on-the-job practice. Individuals can monitor their own progress and determine what the next step in their professional development should be. Learning resources, ranging from individual objects to online communities of professional practice can be available when and where the learner needs those resources.

To be successful in the emerging eLearning Space, we have shifted our thinking from designing relatively static distance learning solutions (such as classroom extended, course-based experiences, and reconfiguring existing courses and content resources) to digital, interactive, reusable objects which can be used in different virtual spaces, in multiple scenarios and instructional sequences. The challenge calls for highly personalised learning solutions that help learners respond to their defined needs and allows them to manage their own learning experiences.

Our e-Content and content design is focused on providing adult, individual learners with the tools, resources, and tactics for achieving their specific learning / training outcomes. An intermediary step has been for our instructional designers to emphasise the reconfiguration of traditional, classroom-oriented instructional and training experiences to digital, online versions of the same. The project no longer wants to copy the traditional learning method, but to apply a new theory of “e-Learning” based on what the ICT offers as a means to learning and access to resources. RENOVA also seeks to apply new competencies and objectives of the eLearning process to be added to those of the traditional learning. Our solution offers not only knowledge, information, communication, interactivity but also a friendly virtual environment, a place for changing experience, and a community where one can to belong.