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Mihaela Coman
Mihaela Coman Mihaela Coman

Mihaela Coman

Mihaela Coman is the project manager of SIVECO who is coordinating also the activities within the RENOVA project. In parallel she is coordinating other European and International projects within SIVECO. Her previous professional experience includes a position as shareholder within a consultancy company where she was also commercial manager , a project manager position within a telecom company for which she coordinated projects in the security field for The Romanian Border Police, The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (belonging to The Romanian Ministry of Interior). She also worked as an account manager in a consultancy company, managing the business relation between important companies like Thyssen Krupp, Finmeccanica, Kongsberg and the Ministry of Defense from Romania. The Department of International Relations from the Minstry of Defence is another place where she worked for about 5 years.



Daniel Popescu
Daniel Popescu Daniel Popescu

Daniel Popescu

Project manager, UMF Carol Davila

Associate Professor Doctor - UMF''Carol Davila'', Bucharest, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology, Daniel Popescu is coordinating the Education activities of Midwives and Nurses , UMF Carol Davila, holding courses for UMF “Carol Davila” students. Member of the Senate Office of UMF Carol Davila in 2011, Chairman of the Quality Assurance programs of study: General Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Dental Technology.

His previous professional experience includes a position as Director coordinator of the Department of Public Health of Bucharest 2009-2010, Director of the Polyclinic Serban Voda, Bucharest, Member of National General Assembly of the Medical College of Romania.

He holds a Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Health Management, Master in Public Administration-Public Sector Management - National School of Political Science and Public Administration, a PhD in Medical Sciences, "Magna Cum Laude",Competence in Health Management-National Institute of Postgraduate Training of Physicians and Pharmacists-MS.



Olimpius Istrate
Olimpius Istrate Olimpius Istrate

Olimpius Istrate

Olimpius Istrate is coordinating the activities of TEHNE- Centre for Innovation in Education within RENOVA project. In parallel, he is also appointed as assistant professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, holding courses on: Computer Assisted Instruction, Virtual Learning Environments, Pedagogy.

His previous professional experience includes a position as director at the Centre for Innovation in Education (TEHNE Romania), a research position at the Institute of Education Sciences, Bucharest, and several short-term assignments at various institutions: Ministry of Education, World Bank, National Foundation for Community Development, Academia Online, Elearning.Romania etc.

He holds a Master degree in Education Management and Evaluation and a PhD in Education Sciences from the University of Bucharest.”



Giusy Fiucci
Giusy Fiucci Giusy Fiucci

Giusy Fiucci

Giusy Fiucci, B.S. Ph.D. MBA Scientific analyst in healthcare/life science. Giusy has a PhD in Biotechnology and a Master in Business and Administration. She worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Tel Aviv, Israël) , at the Metabolic Disease Branch, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA and at Memorial Sloan Kettering Research Center in New York, USA. Giusy got an extensive experience as Project Manager in health sector as supervisor of a department of R&D in pharmacology where was widely involved in studies of drugs effects on specific targets, and patent issues.

Giusy is involved in eHealth IST European projects: she is managing the scientific coordination for France of the METABO FP7 Project on diabetes, a “Leonardo da Vinci” Transfer of Innovation project on health, and an FP7 project involving the set up of a network of excellence for Serious Games.



Robin Beecroft
Robin Beecroft Robin Beecroft

Robin Beecroft

With 20 years in several branches of the publishing industry, fourteen of which being in academic and scholarly communication, Robin set up Searchlighter towards the end of 2008 to work on project implementation. The projects tend to be in a collaborative and international context, broadly focusing on lifelong learning, cross-sector innovation, economic development, social cohesion, research communications, knowledge transfer and information access.
Robin is leading the RENOVA work package that covers Monitoring and Evaluation.



Magda Mankowska
Magda Mankowska Magda Mankowska

Magda Mańkowska

Magda Mańkowska is coordinating activities of Syntea S.A. in Poland within Renova project. Additionally she is working as a consultant for the EU funds for Syntea S.A. Her previous professional experience includes coordination of few regional training projects for amblyopic, blind or  unemployed pepole  financed from Human Capital Programme in Poland.