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As the aim of the project is to develop project-based learning/training models for management and organizational training of student and professional groups of different levels and qualifications from the health domain, there will be conducted pilot training studies with groups from medical schools and colleges that offer nurse education in Romania and Poland. The pilot trainings will use the scenarios prepared by TEHNE and apply and modify them in realities of a given state.

While working with students on real life/real time projects, trainees will be asked to actively and creatively contribute to the solutions of given situations or cases. By the help of a virtual learning environment, students will be able to work in teams, communicate and share knowledge and results.

The results of the process will be aggregated into a learning portal.


The Pilot in Romania will deploy in one educational unit in the Health Sector (UMF Carol Davila) and will follow the training scenario that the partners will agree upon.
The Pilot in Poland will deploy in Central Chamber of Nurses and Midwives and one of the Medical Universities in Poland.

The pilot training  in Romania and Poland will follow the down-mentioned steps:

  1. Selection of certified trainers (Poland 4 trainers, Romania 4 trainers) – will be done by the project partners
  2. Selection of trainees (mainly nurses): in Poland nurses will be selected in collaboration with the Central Association of Nurses and Midwives through an open call; in Romania with the help of Carol Davila university; estimated number of trainees in each country: 100 persons (60 in Romania, 40 in Poland)
  3. The course will have 4 modules and the duration of the course will be 76 hours: 40 hours face-to-face and 36 hours online
  4. Certification: in Poland there is no need of certification; in Romania, the Midwives Association of Romania is in charge.
  5. Evaluation