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Home Consortium SEARCHLIGHTER (Consultancy) – United Kingdom
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SearchlighterSearchlighter ( is the name given to the range of professional management and consultancy services supplied by Robin Beecroft, based in Bristol UK. In its general work, Searchlighter focuses on consultancy and project development for a range of clients. The work is usually focused on e-learning, vocational education, research communications, academic information services, and related fields. The organization offers specific skills in planning, dissemination of project results, audience analysis, policy development and reporting in addition to overall skills in project management.

The primary role will be to support SIVECO as the lead partner for the project as a whole and acting as the lead partner in Work Package WP7, the last of the seven Work Packages. These WP will cover auditing results and reporting on the project outcomes. In addition, Searchlighter is designated as an additional partner in the project management as described in WP1, helping the coordinator with writing the technical and scientific reports.