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ORT FRANCE (non profit organisations) – France PDF Print E-mail

ORTORT France is an educational non-governmental organization with more than 500 collaborators. It is a member of World ORT (worldwide network for education and training acting in more than 100 countries/450 sites/more than 26 000 collaborators.

ORT France has established an R&D and eServices department (ORT Innovation) ( that has developed expertise in innovative strategies involving ICT and is strongly involved in research, consulting and technology services.

ORT Innovation is fully engaged today in an eLearning strategy, which addresses the market of SME’s, training centers, institutions and unemployed people.

By building with all the players involved in education and training we prepare the steps of a LIFELONG learning LLL, skills acquisition and training for innovation.

ORT will be responsible for WP2, contributing to the proposal with their expertise, playing a major role in project coordination and Pilot support. ORT will be the responsible for the knowledge transfer from France to Romania and Poland. In order to have the best impact on the Helath pilot, they will receive the aid of Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants organization that are specialized in Health and social protection, having a great input in the medico-social vocation by helping the underprivileged social classes. It will also be the leader for WP6, contributing to integrated dissemination and training activities.