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Home Consortium SIVECO Romania SA - co-ordinator (Enterprise) – Romania
SIVECO Romania SA - co-ordinator (Enterprise) – Romania PDF Print E-mail

SIVECOSIVECO Romania ( is a private shareholder company, established in 1992. During its eighteen years of existence, it has become one of the most important providers and software integrators of Enterprise Resource Management License and Maintenance, eLearning, eGovernment, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms solutions and turnkey projects in Romania. We gained a solid reputation at international level by developing successful projects with several international companies. Our beneficiaries are HP Germany, Amano Belgium, Nepenthes Group France, the National Health Insurance Fund Bulgaria, the Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus, Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research in Morocco, Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan and many others. SIVECO has a strong experienced R&D team with involvements as technological provider in European and national projects and has developed good partnerships with Universities and Research Institutes in several R&D key areas.
SIVECO will be the leader of the proposal, being in charge of the project management, financial issues and coordinating the entire consortium. The coordinator will be in charge of the overall progress of the proposal and will follow the project throughout its whole lifecycle, on a day-to-day basis both at scientific and administrative level. SIVECO is the sole interface between the National Agency and the consortium, and also the contact point for communication with other projects in the program. Should any major problem arise, the project coordinator has the possibility to call for an extraordinary meeting of the partners. SIVECO is authorized by CNFPA (National Council for Adult Vocational Training) as life long learning provider and also has experience in Structural Funds - Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development projects.
Furthermore, SIVECO will bring its managerial and technical expertise to the project development.