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  1. RENOVA as a European project
  2. ORT et Le eLearning
  3. ORT et La eSanté
  4. În România se creează o platformă de eLearning pentru personalul medical, în cadrul unui proiect pilot la nivel european-TEHNE article
  5. SYNTEA published a press advertisment in "OUR VIOCE" magazine containing  information about the project, about the recruitment  process.
  6. On the occasion of the „Medycyna personalizowana. Genom – etyka – prawo” conference
  7. On the occasion of the 6th International Conference on Virtual Learning, SIVECO published an article in the conference volume,  regarding RENOVA project in the context of European projects in The Romanian Health System.
  8. SIVECO published in the volume of The Natonal Conference on Virtual Learning an article describing RENOVA outcomes, article which was awarded with a diploma
  9. On October 2012, IT Trends magazine published an article referring to European projects SIVECO is involved in, mentioning  RENOVA.